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Location of sites used in the classification of this community

Eucalyptus capillosa (Wheatbelt Wandoo) Woodland


Wheatbelt Wandoo over Herbs
Wheatbelt Wandoo over Scrub
See also Salmon Gum and Wheatbelt Wandoo 

See the report by Harvey & Keighery for sub-communities recognised by Keighery (Appendix 1), Gibson et al. (Appendix 2) and Griffin (Appendix 3). Many of these correspond to the sub-communities presented here, as is shown in the right hand columns of the tables in the appendices, but there are some unusual groups that are not recognised in this classification.

Species Identification

Tree, to 20m. Bark smooth. Flowers w hite, from February to April. (For this and more information see EUCLID; Brooker & Kleinig; FloraBase; French.)

Other Subspecies and Similar Species
Eucalyptus capillosa was separated taxonomically from E. wandoo in 1991 and is distinguished from it by having scabrid seedling leaves, a seasonal orange hue to the bark, glaucous branchlets and a more easterly distribution. E. capillosa occurs in separate populations from E. wandoo and, whilst both may occur in the same area (such as at Quairading), they inhabit different landscape positions (P. White pers. comm.).

The mallee form is E. capillosa subsp. polyclada.

Soils and Landform

Red, w hite or grey sand, sandy loam, clay. Decomposing granitic breakaways.

Associated Species

Eucalyptus capillosa forms open woodlands with a diverse understory, with or without a shrub layer and a mixture of perennial herbs, annuals, geophytes, sedges and grasses. Other trees, mallees and tall shrubs may be present.

E. capillosa often occurs with E. salmonophloia, and occasionally occurs with E. salubris, E. loxophleba subsp. loxophleba and E. transcontinentalis. Occasionally there are mallee E. loxophleba subsp. lissophloia, E. erythronema and E. moderata and Callitris canescens where the woodland is more open.

Understorey species include tall shrubs of Acacia acuminata and Allocasuarina acutivalvis, over medium shrubs Acacia hemiteles, Santalum acuminata, S. spicatum, Melaleuca uncinata group, Acacia hemiteles, Olearia muelleri. Low shrubs that may be present include Acacia acuaria, A. erinacea, Nemcia tricuspidata, Gastrolobium trilobum, Hakea lissocarpha. Ground covers include Borya spp., Lomandra effusa, Austrostipa spp. and a variety of annuals such as Trachymene cyanopetala, Austrostipa elegantissima, Waitzia acuminata, Velleia cycnopotamica, Thysanotus patersonii, Austrodanthonia setacea group, Amphipogon caricinus-strictus complex, Goodenia berardiana and Rhodanthe laevis.

Number of Sites and Polygons

19 sites and 6 polygons

Average Species Richness

33.0 spp. per 100m2  (17 sites)

Benchmark Description

See benchmark description for Eucalyptus wandoo (Wandoo) Woodland.